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Hair loss is beginning to be more and more common among American today. Is it affecting you, and your life here are some conditions that cause hair loss. Alopecia which is general hair loss in patches on the scalp. Also thinning in the hair may occur due to lack of iron. If you are nutrient deficient find ways to supplement your body so that it has the vitamins it needs to keep your hair growing healthy. Androgenic alopecia is the most common among men, and women today it is commonly known as male pattern baldness hair is lost in a well defined pattern beginning above temples and also the crown of the head.

Generally for women the thinning is evenly throughout there scalp & doesn’t t tend to recede among the hair line. Genetics is also a key factor in hair loss along with stress. Products that are recommended to try & have given great results are Nioxon. There are many different types of Nioxon depending on the condition of you hair. This hair loss products has helped thousands suffering from hair loss. The first step is to try these products before your hair loss becomes more severe. Once the hair follicle dies the only other treatment is a hair transplant. Come in to Hair Xpressions Salon where you can speak to one of out master stylist who will recommend the Nioxin treatment that is perfect for you. Try our in salon scalp treatment to help open up those closed hair follicles! Hair Xpression Salon offering Latest in hair cuts, razor cuts, bobs hair color, hair color corrections, demi permanent, highlights low lights, hairstyles, hair extensions, bridal hair, updo’s , keratin straightening treatments , Scalp treatments, and also offering mini facials, and eyebrow shaping ,underarm & bikinig waxing.

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